Over and Over again...

Lieder,die mir aus der Seele sprechen! ^^ <3


Empty Trash – Limited

Evanescence – Going Under(!), My Immortal(!), Missing, Bring me to life,Call me when you’re sober,Sweet Sacrifice ..und eigentlich fast alle von Evanescence!^^ <3

Hoobastank – The Reason, What happened to us?, Disappear, If I were you…

Tommy Reeve – I’m sorry

Mika – Happy Ending

Justin Timberlake – Another Song (All over again)

Cinema Bizarre – Silent Scream, Lovesongs (They kill me), Escape to the Stars…

Maroon 5 – Won’t go home without you, She will be loved

Jimmy Eat World – 23, The middle

Usher – U got it Bad, Let it burn, …

Rise Against – Ready to fall, Injection, Roadside

Darin – Everythin’ but the girl (natürlich dann nicht mitm Girl...^^ )

Lifehouse – Everything, Take me away, Hanging by a Moment…

HSM 2 (Gabriella/Vanessa Anne Hudgens & Troy/Zac Efron) – Gotta go my own way, Vanessa Anne Hudgens - Promise

MYMP – The closer I get to you

Nevio – Qualcosa di grande, Run away, Lo dico a te, uvm..

Rihanna – Cry

Aviation – You Were My Everything

Three Days Grace – Let it die, Gone Forever, Never too late …

One Republic – Apologize

Kelly Clarkson – Cryin’ (Aerosmith Cover), I hate myself for losing you..

Manche Songtexte von LaFee

Silverstein – My Heroine

3 Doors Down – Here without you, Let me go, Going down in Flames, It’s not me...

My Chemical Romance – The Ghost of you

Secondhand Serenade – Broken

Sick Puppies – All the same

Sunrise Avenue – Fairytale gone Bad, Forever yours, Keep dreamin’

The Used – I caught Fire (In your eyes) , It’s hard to say, ..

Hinder – Better than me,  How Long?

Funeral for A Friend – Walk away


Hachja und noch ganz viele andere, hab keine Lust mehr!! ^^

Wie sagte ein berühmter Philosoph?


„Ohne Musik wäre das Leben ein Irrtum“ – Friedrich Nietzsche




BABY;; Is this LOVE for real..? 

13.12.07 16:27

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